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Covid-19 Mask Guidance:

Dear Colleague,

Following our previous communications, we are writing to you with further clarification on the use of face masks and coverings at Motorsport UK events.

Since the last update on Monday 14 September, we have engaged with our community including stakeholders from all disciplines. We have also received important feedback from a recent Motorsport UK Webinar which saw over 400 senior officials from across the sport discuss the issue and the ongoing evolution of the sport. From the consultation, a further guidance chart has been produced to clarify the usage of masks and coverings in the specific areas within a motorsport event.

We need to once again reiterate that motorsport needs to be in the best possible position to withstand the ever-changing conditions. However, we can only continue while we playing its part in maintaining the safest possible environment, as we have all been doing so far. We must look after our community and most vulnerable and prevent the transmission of the virus and its impact on our sport.

The revised measures are effective from Thursday 17 September and further details will be found in an updated version of our COVID-19 Q&A, available on the COVID-19 section of our website in due course.

Motorsport UK (Previous update).

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to you following feedback from our members on the changes to the use of face masks and coverings, available here. During the past few days we have received plenty of feedback, most of which strongly endorses the approach taken, and we have also listened to people’s suggestions for further refinement.
As we highlighted in the mailing of 11 September, we are extremely fortunate that motorsport has been allowed to resume, due to its classification as an organised sport that has implemented considered restart protocols. However, with the changes to social distancing introduced today, the continued Government support is not guaranteed and we have seen in recent weeks that it will react swiftly to arrest the evolution of the pandemic.
We need to put motorsport in the best possible position to withstand the ever-changing conditions, and this may mean enforcing a more robust interpretation of the guidance, and demonstrating very visibly that the sport is upholding the highest of standards. When rules are unambiguous, there is less room for misinterpretation. We recognise that these revised protocols may seem tough, but as there is currently no cure for the pandemic, we must all work together to prevent its transmission and its impact on our sport.
At this time, the broad requirement is that face masks/coverings must be worn at all times, however we recognise that there are some specific environments and circumstances for which further clarity and instructions are required. These have been highlighted in the attached guidance document relating to Face Masks and Face Coverings.
We do need to maintain our stated position on face mask/covering personal Exemptions and we do so following detailed consultation with our COVID-19 Medical Officer, Dr Paul Trafford, and other medical professionals. It is regrettable, but a number of people have been trying to abuse the protocols by claiming exemptions where none apply, in order to circumvent the need to wear a face mask.
Motorsport is in a secure position at the moment, but it is everyone’s responsibility in the community to make sure that continues while the coronavirus pandemic prevails.
Many thanks for your continued support.
Kind regards
Hugh Chambers, CEO, Motorsport UK

Download more information and guidance here & here

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